The portfolio management portal created exclusively for CardConnect's payment partners.

As the backbone of our partner program, CoPilot’s operational efficiencies allow our Independent Sales Organizations (ISO), Agents and Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) partners to track everything in their portfolio - from merchant application processing to risk monitoring and merchant support - with transparency every step of the way.

CoPilot will scale with you as you grow your business.

Merchant Enrollment

Rapid underwriting and boarding
Automated application submission
Application status tracking
Device order fulfillment

Customer Service

Account reconciliation
Online ticketing management
View merchants' deposits, batch reports, transactions, statements and chargeback information

Partner Management

Residual/commission reporting and calculation
Portfolio management
Sub-partner performance

Data Processing

Processor residual reconciliation
Exception reporting and flexible user-driven data mapping
Multi-source data aggregation and standardization

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