Point-of-sale systems customized for your business

A perfect addition to your CardPointe merchant account, Clover ® makes it simple to securely accepty payments and seamlessly run your business.

With Clover ® by your side, you'll be equipped to do much more than just accept payments - you'll be able to configure your Clover ® system with the perfect blend of devices and apps best suited for your business operations.

It's never been easier to process payments, manage transactions and revitalize business operations thanks to industry-leading applications like Yelp, Quickbooks, Payroll and more.

Create a Clover ® point-of-sale (POS) tailored to your business's unique payment acceptance requirements.

Clover ® fits to your needs - not the other way around. The Clover Station, Mini, Flex and Go devices were designed to sync and work together, allowing you to expertly build the perfect POS based on your payments environment.

Clover Station

The all-in-one POS system that comes with a cash drawer and receipt printer

14-inch HD display screen with swivel feature
Built-in battery backup for uninterrupted payment acceptance
End-to-end encryption and data tokenization

Clover Mini

A compact countertop POS that harnesses the power of the Clover Station

Hardware that scales - add more POS components as you grow
EMV chpi card transactions cut down to 3 seconds
Receipts printed from device

Clover Flex

Payments made sleek

Replaces your register, terminal and printer - one device is all you need
Take orders, confirm inventory and accept payments all while your customers wait in line
Accept payments inside and outside of your store

Clover Go

Take your payment acceptance on the road with the compact card reader and app

Out-of-the-box processing: just charge, connect and pair with the Clover Go app
Accept all payment types anywhere you have wifi or a cellular connection
All Clover Go actions sync with the Clover web dashboard

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